Instant Venue Updates

Users can get updates in real-time from other users who are present at any venue or location

Find Out Who’s Present

An easy ice breaker for checked-in users to make friends and meetup

Venue Chat Rooms

Every participating location has a designated chat room where you can quickly contribute to the conversation and stay up to date


Venue owners and administrators can oversee chat rooms, broadcast messages, post announcements and adjust settings

Create, Promote, and Manage Events

Users can create public or private events for a location and send out invitations. All events are searchable and can be accessed by users who wish to join the conversation or send direct messages to users

Vendor Dashboard

Administrators can utilize a convenient dashboard for all settings and controls, including chat room oversight and announcements

Chat Room


Chat rooms provide a platform to bridge the gap between strangers and share relevant, helpful info with one another. Whether users are actually present, or simply want to know what’s going on at a venue before they get there, InstaMing is an ideal way to find out, or get in touch and link up. Users can check-in when they arrive and join the community of other users present to discuss whatever they want!

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One or multiple rooms per location.


Users can check-in upon arrival.


Both checked-in users and those not present can chat.

Private Room

Create your own private or public chat room.


Direct messaging for one-on-one chats.


Invite new or existing users to join chats at any time.


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